There is wood and there is stone
The Past merges perfectly
together with what will
come in the next future

Tavola Rossa,
double soul

The respectful restyling of the site evokes pieces of memories and it is ready to welcome a varied type of guests. The audience includes not only the diners willing to enjoy the chef's kitchen, but also many enthusiasts, curious and hospitality professionals who will decide to prove themselves in the kitchen.

A route of feelings TO SHARE


at "Vini e oli"

As in any gastronomic journey, the culinary experience begins with the aperitif. A feast for the taste with an exquisite selection of wines and oils, accompanied by delicious finger food and bubbles.


From the narrow streets of the village, up to the restaurant

The offering is a wide choice of wines and a luxurious tasting menu, consisting of eight or nine courses. Each dish is made unique by the pairing suggested by the house sommelier. The dishes are a mix of flavors and culture, transforming themselves into an ever new discovery each time. Everything is strictly homemade, starting from the baked products such as the pagnotta (bread roll) made with sourdough yeast from ancient grains.


A secret menu to discover

Choosing is important. However, sometimes, being led in the choice is even more important. This is the philosophy of La Tavola Rossa, which preferred not to offer a classic a la carte menu but focusing on a very rich and articulated proposal instead. Each dish leads to the following, creating a wisely balanced flavours architecture.

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