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Henry Miller

"Your destination
is not a place,
but your new way
of seeing the world"

La Tavola Rossa
(the 'Red Table') by Vincenzo Guarino

La Tavola Rossa sits In a universe of art and beauty, a small temple of taste and pleasure exquisitely guided by the award-winning chef Vincenzo Guarino. The chef will lead each guest on a always new and surprising journey between creativity, wisdom and the highest quality ingredients. A sensory and a gastronomic experience.

Feeling and
sharing the emotions

La Tavola Rossa is not a simple restaurant or a cooking workshop, it is a tasting hub where you can relax, chat, fall in love, get excited and share the experience, in an elegant environment, curated to the smallest details.

H e r e s t a r t s a n e w e x p e r i e n c e h e r e s t a r t s a n e w e x p e r i e n c e

taste and beauty

taste and beauty

Here you can breathe the scent of time and history. The clock stops and you are drifted away by this magic place and by the unique and unmistakable taste of the dishes created by chef Vincenzo Guarino. Here we claim back our spaces and desires. Here begins a new adventure.


Shock, flash,

These are the keywords that best describe chef Vincenzo Guarino. His culinary philosophy is undoubtedly closely linked to his experience. On the one hand, the roots and the tradition, coming from its Neapolitan origin. On the other hand, creativity and the desire to experiment.

Borgo Castello di

“Eternity is in love with the productions of time”: these words by William Blake well describe the medieval village Castello di Postignano. A poised place, between art, nature, silence. This tiny village in the Municipality of Sellano, in the province of Perugia, had been abandoned in the 1960s, and then an open-air ruin due to earthquakes.

— 2004 Included in the MIBACT list of Monuments of historical and artistic interest — 2014 Certificate of merit from Unesco Europe clubs — 2016 Included in the ranking of the most beautiful villages in Italy — 2017 Europe & Mediterranean Awards for Excellence 2018 as Best Serviced Accommodation

Working hours

Wednesday - Saturday

20:00 - 00:00

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Working Hours

Wed - Sat

20:00 - 00:00

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